Boosting Upward Mobility: A Planning Guide for Local Action (Step 2)

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  • Step 1: Our Approach to Upward Mobility
  • Step 2: Use Mobility Metrics to Surface Insights
  • Step 3: Ensure Your Local Government Is Ready to Undertake This Work
  • Step 4: Build Your Coalition for Systems Change
  • Step 5: Develop an Initial Understanding of Local Mobility Conditions
  • Step 6: Build a Fuller Picture of Mobility Conditions in Your Community
  • Step 7: Determine Your Strategic Actions
  • Step 8: Develop Your Measurement Plan and Consider Sustainability
  • Step 9: Finalize and Release Your Mobility Action Plan
  • Step 10: Sustain Momentum
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    Step 2: Use Mobility Metrics to Surface Insights


    In the previous step, you learned about the Urban Institute’s Framework for Boosting Mobility and Advancing Equity. As a second step, you will learn more about our Mobility Metrics, including how we developed them, how to access them, and how to use them to gain preliminary insights about mobility issues in your community.

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    • Step 2: Use Mobility Metrics to Surface Insights

    Supplemental resources

    Access the supplemental resources referenced as part of the Step 2 PDF:
    • Mobility Metrics Data Review Guide
    • Descriptive Representation: Collecting Data to Construct Your Mobility Metric