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Upward Mobility Framework

Assessing and creating conditions that can propel people out of poverty and narrow racial inequities in communities. Inspired to learn more? 
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The Metrics and Tools

Learn more about the Urban Institute’s framework for increasing upward mobility and racial equity, access your community’s mobility metrics, and explore our planning guide for local action.

These mobility metrics data tables are designed to help local leaders in every county and over 450 cities in the United States measure the status of and progress toward increasing upward mobility and equity in their communities.
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Planning Guide
Our recent publication, Boosting Upward Mobility: A Planning Guide for Local Action, provides a step-by-step guide for local government and community leaders to better understand impediments to upward mobility and build a cross-sector team that can plan, advocate for, and implement a set of systems changes focused on bringing all members of their community out of poverty and creating more equitable outcomes.
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Latest Blog Posts
  • Networking Seminar Meet Up
    Driving Economic Mobility
    Community foundations can play multiple roles, such as funder, convener, champion, or partner, to promote upward mobility in their communities. They support systemic change efforts to disrupt barriers that limit individuals and families from reaching their full potential.
  • Framework
    Why Dignity Matters to Upward Mobility
    The Urban Institute’s Upward Mobility Framework, which provides data and tools for community stakeholders to develop and advance policies and programs that increase upward mobility and racial equity, has adopted the US Partnership’s three-part definition of mobility.
  • Street Food Festival
    Building and Sharing Knowledge to Advance Economic Success, Power, and Dignity
    This week, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced substantial new investments to advance economic mobility and opportunity in the United States. The Urban Institute is proud to be among the foundation’s anchor partners, building and sharing knowledge changemakers need to accelerate solutions that increase upward mobility and promote equity. 
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About the Project
Urban is measuring and building evidence on the key community conditions that have the potential to increase upward mobility and curb racial inequities.
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