Measuring Upward Mobility in Counties and Cities Across the US
Last updated June 30, 2023

These mobility metrics data tables are designed to help local leaders in every county and over 450 cities in the United States measure the status of and progress toward increasing upward mobility and equity in their communities.

The Urban Institute's Upward Mobility Framework identifies five essential pillars that support mobility from poverty and a set of evidence-based predictors that are strongly correlated with the likelihood that a community can create conditions to boost the economic and social mobility of its residents while narrowing racial and ethnic inequities. These predictors were identified by an interdisciplinary group of experts and refined through testing with cross-sector partners. They cover diverse aspects of community, such as affordable housing, living-wage jobs, and political participation, and can be influenced by state and local policy.

Communities can use this suite of metrics along with the Planning Guide for Local Action as they work to develop a strategic plan for upward mobility and monitor progress over time.

For guidance on using the data tables, please watch our video tutorial or a recording of an interactive training.

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The most recent changes may be found by visiting the dedicated Mobility Metrics Data Tables Updates page.

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If you are interested in learning more about the Upward Mobility Framework and its development, please see Boosting Upward Mobility: Metrics to Inform Local Action, Second Edition and review our technical report. To learn more about the evidence informing the predictors, please visit the Evidence Resource Library.

The datasets used to populate these tables and more detailed documentation are available on Urban’s Data Catalog.

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