Mobility Action Plans

Everyone deserves the chance to improve their lives: to strengthen their economic well-being, to be valued and feel they belong, and to have power and autonomy. Local leaders can develop strategies and use policy levers to create thriving communities that boost upward mobility and narrow racial and ethnic inequities for children, youth, and adults. As part of the Boosting Upward Mobility project, the Urban Institute partnered with 8 counties in a cohort to review the local conditions that enable or prevent mobility and equity in order to develop Mobility Action Plans. These plans include a set of priorities and strategies for increasing economic and social well-being in their communities.

Beginning in early 2021, counties analyzed their mobility metrics and other local data; partnered with community members and organizations to understand the local context and community priorities; identified the current and potential landscape of actionable solutions; and engaged with peer counties to share best practices and address roadblocks.

The result of this work is a set of Mobility Action Plans that describe goals, strategies, and target outcomes for boosting mobility from poverty in each county. The plans outline ways local governments can identify community-driven strategies and tailor actions through cross-sector partnerships. Below, you can find summaries of each plan.