Boosting Upward Mobility: A Planning Guide for Local Action (Step 8)

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    Step 8: Develop Your Measurement Plan and Consider Sustainability


    In Step 7, you were guided to develop your community vision statement, theory of change, and logic model. Step 8 guides you in creating a Measurement Plan with which to track progress toward your goals and to draft a short section on sustainability that describes how you will sustain the momentum generated during the Mobility Action Planning process. The ongoing measurement and evaluation of the progress of MAP’s strategic actions is essential to effective implementation and, ultimately, success. Creating a Measurement Plan based on the Logic Model you defined in Step 7 will provide a guide for accountability, continuous learning, and any necessary alterations on your way to impact. Ideally, every input, output, and outcome you defined for the strategic actions in your Logic Model will have a matching measure of progress that will make up your Measurement Plan.

    Below, you will learn about sources and methods for choosing your progress measures for each component in the Logic Model as well as who to assign responsibility for gathering measurement data and reporting progress. You’ll also learn ways to communicate results as they occur in the short, medium, and long term throughout implementation, and you’ll learn how to adapt based on progress reported along the way

    Please remember that Section 8 should be used in tandem with Section 7 as you are building your Logic Model.

    As you develop your Measurement Plan, remain mindful of our Framework for Boosting Mobility and Advancing Equity, which we outlined in Step 1. For your actions to be successful, they should challenge racial inequities, contribute to change at the systems level, and improve the lives of the people you serve. The best way to track the outcomes of the time, energy, money, and planning invested into your strategic actions is to proactively define what progress means for each strategic action while keeping these principles in mind.

    Supplemental resources

    Access the supplemental resources referenced as part of the Step 8 PDF:
    • Continuous Learning Framework
    • RACI Chart
    • Blank Measurement Table